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Individual Tax Returns

Let Ludwig & Associates, Ltd. help you navigate the complexities of the tax code, using tax planning as an element of the tax preparation process. Use our expertise and experience with the tax code to minimize current and future tax liabilities.

Information to bring to your tax preparer: 

  • Copy of last two income tax returns
  • All W-2 Forms
  • All 1099 Forms
  • All 1098 Forms (mortgage interest)
  • Property Tax Statement
  • College Tuition Statement
  • Real Estate Closing Statement
  • Student Loan Interest Statement
  • IRA, Pension, Qualified Plan Statement
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
  • List and receipts of Charitable Contributions
  • Energy Saving Home Improvement Receipts
  • Other items that may be helpful in the preparing your individual tax return

Individual Tax Return Check-List


Direct Income

  • Wages/Salary (W-2)
  • Gambling winnings (W-2G)
  • Interest income (1099-INT)
  • Dividend income (1099-DIV)
  • Mutual Fund Income (1099-B/1099-DIV)
  • Stock & Mutual Fund sales (1099-B)
  • Social Security Benefits (1099-SSA)
  • Long-term care benefits (1099-LTC)
  • Pension & Annuities (1099-R)
  • Lump Sum Distributions (1099-R)
  • IRA Distributions/Rollovers (1099-R)
  • Illinois State Refund (1099-G)
  • Unemployment Income (1099-G)
  • Commissions (1099-MISC)
  • Other Income (1099-MISC)
  • Business Income (1099-MISC)
  • Home Foreclosure (1099-A)
  • Debt Forgiveness (1099-C)
  • Rental Income
  • Alimony
  • Limited Partnership (K-1)
  • Estate/Trust Income (K-1)
  • S Corporation Income (K-1)
  • Tax free Municipal Bond Interest/Dividends (Reportable; no Federal Tax)
  • (Will be on 1099-INT or year-end statement)

Kiddie Income

  • All earned/unearned income more than $1000 (Includes mutual fund/stock sales)

House Sale/Purchase

  • Closing Statement-Property Sold
  • Closing Statement-Property Purchased
  • Stock/Mutual Fund Sale
  • Redemption of Tax Free Bonds

Treasury Notes/Bills

  • Date of purchase/inheritance
  • Cost basis
  • Stock splits, Dividends, Reinvestments, etc.
  • Sale settlement sheet
  • Year-end settlement (1099-B)
  • Stock option information from employer
  • Like-Kind exchanges

Adjustments to Income

  • Educator expenses
  • IRA contributions (Deductible/Non-Deductible)
  • Form 8606
  • Student Loan Interest (1098-E)
  • College tuition, fees, materials (1098-T)
  • Moving Expenses
  • Health Insurance/Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Keogh/SEP contributions
  • Early withdrawal penalties
  • Alimony paid (Social Security Number of ex-spouse)



  • Medical Insurance
  • Doctor/Dental Bills
  • Eye exams, glasses, contacts, etc.
  • Medical mileage, lodging, parking
  • Hearing aids/batteries
  • Prescriptions
  • Qualified Long-Term Care services
  • Qualified retirement/nursing home fees
  • Form 1095 (Affordable Care Act)


  • Home mortgage (Form 1098)
  • Mortgage Insurance Premium (Form 1098)
  • Home Equity Loan (Form 1098)
  • Points
  • Home Mortgage Paid to Individual (Name, address, social security number)
  • Margin/Investment Interest


  • Estimated Tax Payments (Cancelled Checks)
  • Sales tax on large purchases
  • Real Estate Tax paid
  • Parcel number


  • Receipts/Credit Statement/Canceled Checks
  • Charitable Mileage
  • Non-Cash Contributions
  • Auto Contributions (1098-C)
  • Major non-cash contributions with appraisal/valuation
  • All contributions MUST have written acknowledgement or bank record

Miscellaneous Deductions

  • Union dues/professional dues
  • Subscriptions (Business, Investment)
  • Educational expenses (Upgrade Skills)
  • Uniforms/tools/safety equipment
  • 2014 tax preparation fee
  • Job hunting expenses
  • Employee business expenses
  • Investment advisory fees
  • Safe deposit box
  • Gambling losses (If Winnings)
  • Certain estate expenses & taxes
  • Credits
  • American Opportunity/

Lifetime Learning Credits

  • Eligible tuition, fees and required course materials receipts (Form 1098T)

Child Care Credits

  • Name, address, social security number or employer ID and amount paid to each child care provider (Form W-10)
  • Amount paid for company-paid child care flex benefits (should be on W-2)

Energy Credits

  • Energy efficient home improvements (Bring sales receipt and proof of efficiency)
  • Energy efficient or hybrid auto (Bring sales receipt and certification)
  • Prior forms 5695 or tax returns 2006-2014

Illinois Returns

  • Year-end Bright Start Statement
  • Education expenses (K-12) (Name and address of school)
  • Internet purchases